CNC Cruise Ship

3D puzzles are popular projects for CNC routing. This short video is designed to open the door just a little on this interesting field of routing.

There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of designs out there. This particular design comes set for 3 mm, 6 mm or 12 mm material.

For this project I used a 2 mm end mill cutter tool with a single straight flute on 3 mm MDF. As you can see in the video, the cut starts out quite "rough" looking. However, a light sanding by hand or with an electric sander cleans the project up very nicely.

To change tack a little. In recent weeks I've been watching the metamorphosis of the YAS CNC Router from a CAD design to a real machine.

Things are getting exciting here at YAS and I'll keep you informed.

The thought and creativity that Keith has put into this CNC router still amazes me. The result is a machine that is as strong as a tank which is critical for accuracy and a service life of many years of hard work.

More soon...