YAS CNC Router About To Be Released

YAS Engineering has a history with CNC routers

Why Register for YAS CNC?

N.B. The Registration period for this release is now history!

Yes, something big is hatching at YAS Engineering. By registering your name and email address you'll get the early-bird advantage of knowing when the egg cracks.

If you already own one of our woodworking machines, you'll know the value of the many YAS RouterMasters, SlabMasters and Torque Work Centres in use throughout Australia and overseas.

Now the secret's out! YAS is expanding into CNC routers. Real CNC routers. Not toys! We build for the long-haul.

This is exciting news because we've been polishing the CAD design for many months. Production is almost ready to start with a bang!

History of CNC at YAS

The video hints at the number of one-off CNC routers Keith has designed and manufactured over the years. These have mostly been large industrial CNC routers that run virtually trouble-free, year in and year out.

Then, for the last two years, our prototype "small" CNC router has been turning out jumping kangaroos by the thousands as well as a variety of other 2D, 2.5D and 3D products.

The spin-off from all this experience? YAS has a lot of rubber-meets-the-road know-how when it comes to CNC routers.

Release Dates for the YAS CNC

The release date for the CNC routers will be announced shortly.

Over the next couple weeks, we have a series of videos and reports planned about the new CNC product. This will include detailed specifications. Also, we will be posting details of the design and driver software options. This will give all interested parties time to digest the details of the new release.

CNC routing is a bold move for YAS Engineering but we know that the market wants what we are producing. This certainty comes partly from the requests that continue to come to us from you, our valued user base and partly from our own market research.