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Fab Slabs Finished Sign

I visited the Fab Slabs workshop a few days ago and they had the sign almost finished that we did on the YAS CNC Router in the last video.

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Fab Slabs Sign

Welcome to another CNC router video. This project tackles a 1.5 metre slab on a 900 mm bed. Actually, it’s even smaller than that.

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Height Chart

It all started out as a motley piece of red cedar but the slab cleaned up quite nicely even though the borers had been busy some time back in the sap wood. The 55 mm surfacing bit on the Torque Work Centre did most of the surfacing work

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Fairy Carriage 3D Puzzle

For the Fairy Carriage 3D puzzle project we used 6.0 mm MDF. This means that we were able to use a 3.0 mm tooling bit. The big advantage of this is

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CNC Cruise Ship

3D puzzles are popular projects for CNC routing. This short video is designed to open the door just a little on this interesting field of routing.

There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of designs out there

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The Clash of the Groms Trophies

Yes, there’s another story behind the trophies for the Mudjimba Board Riders.

Max works next-door to the YAS Engineering workshop and asked us to engrave the aluminium insignia for the belt trophies, the Clash of the Groms.

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Clash of the Groms Mudjimba Beach

Congratulations to the winners of the surf carnival held at Mudjimba Beach June 7 2014, organised by the Mudjimba Board Riders and Lifeproof group.

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YAS CNC Router Software Recommendations

I originally started writing this text as a script for the attached video. However, I think the information is more useful in written form. The video concentrates on a simple CNC project in the design software. Hopefully it will inspire you to try out the software and

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YAS CNC Review From Mark Paneros

When we published the video, “YAS CNC Is Coming!” a day or two back, Mark Paneros recognised his YAS CNC router in the pictures and sent us this review about his machine. Thank you Mark

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YAS CNC Router About To Be Released

N.B. The Registration period for this release is now history!

Yes, something big is hatching at YAS Engineering.

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