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The Woodworker's Dream

Many workshops in Australia and overseas now use the Torque Work Centre as the hub of their operations. A variety of power tools can easily be fitted to the uniquely designed attachments. As a result, a number of the woodworking machines in the typical workshop are made obsolete.

YAS Engineering produces three flagship products. You can find more informaition about each machine in the Main Menu links.

Torque Work Centre

This is the pick of the crop because it is a complete power tool based workshop in its own right. It has largely replaced the RouterMaster in recent years.


There is no better machine for surfacing timber slabs down to the finest sanding grit. We have workshops actually surfacing stone!


Hundreds of RouterMasters have been produced over the years and they are the centre-piece of many workshops.

The RouterMaster Upgrade Option

If you own a RouterMaster you'll want to check out the side-bar on the right of screen to discover how to upgrade to a Torque Work Centre with minimum cost. RouterMaster owners are loving this because of the amazing versatility resulting from the sliding carriage. You have the choice of a bench base ranging from 2.0 metres to 3.5 metres. If you really take the plunge and put two heads on the base, we recommend the 3.5 metre base.

Click here to view the upgrade options

YAS Engineering Research and Development

The Torque Work Centre is the leading flagship product from the YAS Engineering Research and Development unit and is a popular addition to the SlabMaster and the RouterMaster. All machines are manufactured in-house and so we can guarantee that top quality standards are maintained from the original concept to the finished product.

YAS Engineering products are not just off-the-shelf. Each machine is custom made and so built to order. This means that there is a time delay for delivery, depending on the workload in our production unit. It is important then to confirm your order as soon as possible so we can slot your order into the production cycle. Once our Terms and Conditions of Sale are met, delivery will be made as soon as possible.

Endless options

The Torque Work Centre gives you the ability to re-purpose your common power tools into one, versatile, multifunction machine for routing, sawing, drilling, copying, planing and much more.

Be more competitive

The Torque Work Centre will help dramatically improve production times and efficiency, lowering your costs and overheads and giving you a competetive edge.

Strong construction

The Torque Work Centre has been designed with a focus centred on stability and rigidity. It is a machine with a long working life.

The Right set-up for you

All Torque Work Centre owners receive professional advice and support. Our experienced team is ready to help you make informed decisions so you can select the correct configuration for your needs. You will need to consider the length of the workbench, the length of the horizontal arm and the number of heads on the system.

Quality Australian Made

We are proud to say that all our machines are designed and manufactured in Australia, using only the best material and fabrication techniques.


You can be confident that your Torque Work Centre will be the benchmark for quality and reliability. Through innovative design, meticulous production and genuine customer service, we know you will appreciate joining the many happy Torque Work Centre owners.

Torque Work Centre

YAS Engineering is proud to showcase the Torque Work Centre as our flagship product. You will only appreciate the unique versatility of this work centre when you get hands-on.

Watch the videos to get started with what this machine can accomplish.

The Torque Work Centre is a complete woodworker's workshop in its own right and has been built for hard work and a long working life. Routing, drilling, crosscutting, ripping, slabbing, surfacing, copying and more.


YAS Engineering is the leader in its class for surfacing large or small timber hardwood or softwood slabs and even other suitable materials.

The powerful electric motor makes light work of all surfacing jobs. The steel cutting head does the rough work. Sanding disks finish the surface to the required grit level.

The Slabmaster turns rough timber slabs into beautiful table-tops, bench-tops, coffee-tables and more.


The RouterMaster is YAS Engineering's "little brother" to the Torque Work Centre. It has a smaller bench with one fixed working head which of course is the same working head as found on the Torque Work Centre.

The RouterMaster is great in workshops where space is at a premium but where the versatily of YAS Engineering's unique work head is required. Routing, drilling, crosscutting, ripping, copying and more are all there.